Why Building Muscle Is Good for Improving Longevity

We all know working out will help us live longer, but often people turn to running or cardiovascular activities for our workouts. However, studies now show that having muscular strength improves the longevity of our health as well.

How does having muscular strength benefit our health?

  1. It increases our overall strength which means decrease in injuries

  2. It increases bone density

  3. It reduces body fat and increase muscle mass

  4. It increases energy levels

  5. It corrects and maintains posture

  6. It increase metabolism for fat loss

  7. It increase tendon and ligament strength

Do you want to be able to move your arms overhead as you get into your 80s? Do you want to keep your metabolism going high so you can burn calories by sitting still? Do you want to be able to walk upright for the rest of your life?

German researchers did a study in 2015 on muscular strength and reported that an increased level of muscular strength was significantly associated with lower rates of mortality. Grip strength seemed to have been an indicator of living a longer life. Grip strength is a measurement of muscular strength or the maximum force generated by your forearm muscles. It has been used as a screening tool for the aging population as a measurement of upper body strength and overall strength.

Overall, having a greater grip strength was associated with an 8% lower risk of mortality. The mortality risk was highest for men and women with the lowest grip strength and the highest obesity measures.

Weight training can increase not only your grip strength but all the muscles in your body for increased overall health. Being strong has carry over in every aspect of your life including having better mobility, stronger joints to support your body, and reducing the risk of injury as we age.

Don't know what to do for weight training? Get a personal trainer and have him or her show you some basic movements with proper form! You would be surprise how much better you feel after a good weight training session.

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