Client Transformations

These wonderful ladies lifted heavy, logged their foods on My Fitness Pal, and transformed their bodies!

Diana PRince.jpg

Diana Prince

Goal: Get back in shape after having a baby!

Training: Twice a week with Helen lifting heavy weights. No cardio.

After only ONE month of lifting, her body changed completely!

Starting Weight: 150 pounds
End Weight: 150 pounds

Moral of the story: It’s not about the scale, it’s about body composition!


Jessica Oliveri

Goal: Getting ready for her wedding



Jessica lifted heavy 3 hard days with compound movements and 2 days of lighter resistance training workouts. No cardio. Food had minimal processed foods and I slowly increased her calories over time as her body responded quite well to the training program!


Georgie Oliver

Goal: We had 2 months to get her ready for Miss Massachusetts USA pageant!



Georgie is a newbie to lifting in general so her body responded quickly to the new program. She lifted heavy 3 days a week with lighter workouts on other days. No cardio. I increased her calories from 1,000 to 1,600 over 2 months since her body responded very well and fat came off almost too quickly!


Final Day