5 Tips to Getting Back in Shape for The Fall

Summer is over and you are getting back into the swing of things. Back to school for the kids, work life resumes, but what about your workout routine? Has it fallen through the cracks during the summer? Are you looking for renewed inspiration this Fall?

Here are some tips to help you get back on track:

1. Eat less processed foods. Processed foods are engineered to make you eat more- period! It's not necessarily less or more healthy than regular whole foods, but processed foods hijack your palate so you want to eat more of it. As you know, processed foods can be so tasty you eat more for no good reason besides the delicious taste of it! Instead of worrying about eating less carbs, or eat more protein/veggies, just eliminate most processed foods so your body can regulate your hunger and let you eat what it needs to to feel nourished! You will be surprised how your body will make good decisions if you stay away from processed foods. Keep in mind places like Whole Foods has a TON of “healthy” processed foods – it's always best to cook your own food that is minimally processed.

2. Try a new activity. Can't get psych on your regular workouts? Try a new activity! Join a running group in your neighborhood. Go to a spin class. Try a random workout class. Go for a bike ride. Do an adult gymnastics course. So many things to try out there- you may surprise yourself. Maybe you are the next Zumba superstar and you don't know it!

3. Get a workout buddy. We all need accountability and sometimes having someone there with you is all you need. You would be surprised striking up a conversation with the person next to you in class, or make new friends at the neighborhood running group!

4. Try working out outside. Get some vitamin D – studies show working out in the sun improves your mood.

5. Get a trainer. Most gym go-ers don't know the best programming for their bodies so they spend hours on the treadmill and wonder why they don't see results. Say you pay $50 a month on a gym membership, that is $600 a year. If you take the $600 and invest even a few sessions in a trainer who can point out YOUR specific mobility issues and build a customized workout routine that benefits YOU, you will get way more out of that $600 than those hours on the elliptical.

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