Helen Lin
(And Shorty)

Certified Strength Coach & Certified Personal Trainer

It’s not about losing weight. WHATTTT, you say?

My goal with you as my client is not to help you lose weight, but rather, shift your focus to overall health and building daily strength. The reason is if we focus on things like lifting heavy, eating foods that work well with your body, sleeping enough, removing stress, taking walks and soon you will start to look and feel the way you always wanted to look!

Let’s work on feeling stronger and eating better and the rest will all fall in place. You’ll be a better mom, spouse, work colleague and look the best you’ve ever looked.

My coaching style is the enthusiastic cheerleader; I am not a drill sergeant and you never have to do anything you are uncomfortable with, although my workouts are going to push you outside your comfort zone.   I am a highly energetic trainer and I love helping others achieve their fitness goals. 



I am fully insured and certified by a National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) accredited organization. 


Certifications and Continuing Education


about helen 

  • Certified Strength Coach

  • Certified Personal Trainer

  • TRX Level 1 Qualified Trainer

  • Cancer Recovery Specialist

  • Swimming Instructor

  • Rock Climbing Instructor

  • American Ninja Warrior Season 10 Competitor (2018)

  • Snowboarder (15+ years)

  • Snowboarding Instructor

  • Competitive Pool Swimmer (15+ years)

  • Youth Swim Team Coach

  • Masters Swim Team Coach

  • Long distance open water swimmer

  • Ice swimmer

  • American Ninja Warrior Course Tester (March 2017)

  • Parkour enthusiast

  • Group Fitness Instructor


A marathon swim is defined by FINA as any swim over 6.2 miles (10K).  I have to date swam the following official marathon swims:

  • First recorded person to swim from Nantasket to Nahant and back, 18 miles, September 2015

  • Boston Light Swim, 8 miles, July 2014

  • Anacapa Island to Oxnard channel swim, 12.4 miles, July 2014

  • Newport, Vermont to Canada and back, aka Border Buster at Lake Memphremagog, 15 miles, July 2015

  • Double Boston Light Swim, 16 miles, August 2015

  • Boston Light swim, 8 miles, August 2016

Ice Swimming has a lot of definitions of what it is, but these are the official competitions I have done:

  • Ice mile: 1 mile in 41 degree F (5 C) in 33 minutes, December 2014

  • British 1K Ice Swimming Championships at Chill Swim in UK: 1K at 6 C, February 2014

  • Chill Swim in UK: various events from 25m to 450m at 6 C, February 2014

  • Memphremagog Winter Swims in Newport, Vermont: various events from 25m to 100m at 30 F, March 2015 and 2016

  • USA Winter Swim Championships in New York: various events from 25m to 200m at 38 F, March 2016

  • Murmansk Mile, Russia, 1200m swim in 8-10 C, September 2016

Rock Climbing

Mountain Project Ticks

My climbing partner and I made a YouTube channel of our outdoor climbs together:


The Heist:

Intermediate - 1st place- 10/15/2016

Dark Horse Bouldering Series:

Female Intermediate - 3rd Place- 11/19/2016

Female Recreational- 2nd place- 12/17/2016

Female Intermediate- 4th place- 1/21/2017


Iron Maiden: 
Advanced - 8th place-  2/25/2017


B3 at Rock Spot

Recreational- 5th Place - 4/8/2017


MIT Bouldering Comp: 

 Advanced - 6th place - 3/19/2017

Ninja Warrior

American Ninja Warrior Season 10 Competitor- Philadelphia, May 2018

American Ninja Warrior Course Tester- Los Angeles, March 2017

National Ninja League Competition Finalist- San Francisco, March 2017

National Ninja League Competitions (2017): TA Fitness (Feb 4, 2017), Laid Back Fitness (Feb 18, 2017)

UNAA Regionals at Vitality (June 4 2017)


  • New England Classic, 2nd Place Female Masters, Feb 2019

  • Bay State Games, 1st Place Female Masters 59K, July 2019

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