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Do You Need a Personal Trainer?

It's February, which means you had a whole month of starting your New Year's Resolutions.  Take a look at where you are now: Did you start? Are you still going strong? Started but stopped? What's stopping you from moving forward? 

The truth is, no matter who you are, everyone needs some help with goal setting.  Elite athletes have coaches who help them perform well and stay injury-free. 

The fact that most of us are not elite athletes means that most people will benefit MORE from a professional helping you with your fitness goals -- since your higher priorities will likely be your family and work.   A personal trainer can help you set realistic goals, introduce you to new food choices and create a plan that work out best for your lifestyle.  

"But I already know what's best for me and I'm already executing it!" That's great if you are someone who is sticking to a good workout regiment- congrats! But even myself, who is a personal trainer, have a coach who helps me with my workouts and nutrition because I know there is always more that I don't know. 

There is so much science around exercise programming and nutrition, not to mention every single person has a different set of genetics, hormones and individual variances that respond differently to different stimuli. How do you know you are optimizing for the best results?

Your health and wellness should be a top priority over anything else - the sad thing is, most people put that last on their list under family and job. But we all know that working out, eating right and sleeping enough only makes you a better spouse, colleague parent. Having a trainer can help you become a happier and healthier person for your friends and family.

Whatever your goals are, my job as a trainer is to give you the tools to help you achieve a greater quality of life.  And hopefully have a little fun in the process!